A HouseWall Garage Organizer Design Consultant will work with you, focusing on your space and your interests to create a customized garage storage solution just for you. In the garage, we work with an extremely wide range of options and materials including shelving, pegboards, cabinets, tabletops and even surfaces like aluminum to help you craft your dream space.

Whatever your needs and interests, a HouseWall Garage Organizer Design Consultant has the expertise to transform your garage into a favorite room in your home.

We also offer HouseWall Epoxy Garage Floor Coating, our premier 100% solids formulation epoxy floor paint designed. Our epoxy have the same epoxy flooring paint as finest commercial flooring products, but are packaged for small residential or commercial projects like garages, basements, small shops, and showrooms and other small commercial or residential areas! 











HouseWall Garage Organizer recognizes that each homeowner has their own hobbies and interests. With that in mind, we have created special racks to store the items your active lifestyle demands.



Accessories Garage

Designed in conjunction with our exclusive HouseWall Channel Panel, our full line of accessories not only comes with a lifetime warranty but also features the versatility and dependability which our clients have grown to expect from all HouseWall products. At the core of our vast line of accessories is the commitment to form and functionality.


Flooring Garage

The ideal way to complete your garage renovation, HouseWall’s interlocking tile floor accentuates any of the HouseWall Channel Panel finishes while adding yet another level of functionality to your garage. Durable, non-porous, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, HouseWall is proud to offer its clients another environmentally preferred product without compromising quality. 


Paneling Garage

The true way to maximize the valuable space of your garage is to get as many items off the floor as possible. In addition to providing our clients with the versatility of countless functional storage locations on our exclusively designed Channel Panel, HouseWall provides a multitude of accessories to help keep items on the wall.



Resin Cabinets


Available in three convenient sizes, these rugged steel reinforced resin cabinets are the answer to many of your storage needs. Thanks to the steel tubing throughout, customers who prefer to hide their items can rest assured that these cabinets will endure years of punishment in the harsh conditions of the garage with no warping or weakening.


Designer Cabinets


With the introduction of our Designer Cabinets, HouseWall Garage Organizer now offers its customers an elegant yet rugged solution to their garage cabinets needs. These modular cabinets allow for a multitude of different configurations which will surely put the finishing touches on any custom garage.



In as little as one day your garage will be neat, clean, and orderly; the best part is, you won’t have to lift a finger!  → Shop Online